Why do you need a lawyer who knows about forensics?

lawyer with forensic background

The fact that you have a criminal lawyer does not mean that your lawyer knows about forensics, or the “science” that goes with it. This is because forensics is an area, not only foreign to most lawyers, but difficult to understand. Consequently, many inmates that should not be in prison are, and there is very […]

What is at stake?

criminal defense lawyer for any type of criminal case

The freedom of an individual could be at jeopardy when a person is charged with a crime. Whether the person commits the crime is irrelevant, as the criminal legal system was created to stop any future alleged criminal activity from been done. This could potentially means that, even if you did not do the criminal […]

Why a Pastor Lawyer for your criminal case?

Why a Pastor Lawyer for your criminal case?

For the most part, criminal matters are difficult to resolve, as it affects, not only the alleged Defendant, but several families and the community in general. When a person is accused of any criminal case, such as: DWI, Parole Violation, Motion to Revoke, Murder, Assault, Drug Cases, Sex Cases, Fraud, Manslaughter, Prostitution, Controlled Substances, Aggravated […]

Criminal Law is what we do!

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If you have been charged by information or by indictment with a crime in San Antonio or in the contiguous counties, we have a solution for you. Mr. Baez is not only your best choice as attorney and counselor, but he can also address any spiritual needs that you may have before the completion of […]

50 % Off your criminal case if you mention this blog

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If you are facing a criminal case in San Antonio for: murder, domestic violence, sex crimes, DWI, assault, Drug crimes, parole, felonies, misdemeanors of any kind in both state and federal levels, all you have to do is mention this blog and you will receive 50% of your legal representation. This only applies to new […]