Mr.Báez Handles All Types of Drug Related Offenses, State and Federal


Not one case is too small for Mr. Báez, and he will handle your case personally from a drug case, prostitution, felony, misdemeanor, in state of federal, he is the criminal defense attorney for you. Mr. Báez is almost done with his PhD in biblical exposition, so very soon he will be the only Doctor/Lawyer/Pastor/Theologian in San Antonio. PTL!

A drug charge in Texas can hinder you from doing some of the things that you love to do. As a result, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer that has this in mind when negotiating your plea or preparing for trial on a drug charge. Mr. Báez has handled thousands of drug cases in his career, and he is able to predict with great accuracy what the potential outcome for the clients may be, which allows the clients the ability to make a choice in the matter. 


The criminal system is defined to reduce the choice that an accused has, but with Mr. Báez on your corner, those choices are exercise to their fullest potential since he will fight for his client's rights in court. Please make sure you tell Mr. Báez if you have issues with drugs or addictions so that the help that you need can be obtained for you. 

There are alternative treatments rather than punishments when it comes to drug charges in the criminal system. Mr. Báez will secure the most profitable outcome for your case and your future. Not many attorneys can testify on your behalf as a result of the representation, but Mr. Báez is not only your attorney, he could be your pastor as well. This combination helps his clients all around. Give him a call today!