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Federal authorities such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI, the ATF, and the Secret Service investigate all major crimes in South and Central Texas. Because of its proximity to Mexico, the region is subject to a great deal of Federal Criminal litigation. Within the Federal Court System, the Western District of Texas is a large geographical region. It has courts in San Antonio and Austin, as well as Del Rio, El Paso, Midlands, Pecos, Waco, and El Paso.

If a federal prosecutor or authority wants to make an example of you, The Law Office of E.R. Báez is the firm to hire to protect your rights. The federal crimes you are accused of may carry serious consequences. Having one of the most reliable federal criminal appeal attorneys on your side could significantly increase your chances of having a favorable outcome for your case, no matter how complex it may be. Prosecutors can use any means necessary to persuade the jury that you are guilty. Our federal appeals lawyer, E.R. Báez, will use all available resources to prove the innocence of those who may have been targeted by federal authorities.

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Our federal appeals lawyer at The Law Office of E.R. Báez has extensive experience handling federal criminal cases. Federal drug cases and alien smuggling are some examples of these. It is not about negotiating a plea, but about getting all charges dropped. This is preferable in a pretrial motion before the case is heard by a judge or jury.

Residents in Central and South Texas rely on our federal appeals lawyer, E.R. Báez, to defend them in federal criminal cases. This is because he has been well-respected by his peers, the Texas courts, and his clients since 2005. The Law Office of E.R. Báez has a reputation for bringing successful results to clients.

E.R. Báez is one of the most experienced federal appeal attorneys in Texas. Call our law firm today to set up a free consultation with our experienced federal appeals lawyer.

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The Federal Appellate Courts

The Federal Courts are divided into 13 circuits, each with its own Appellate Court. The Fifth Circuit includes the federal district courts of Texas. Federal courts from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Mississippi are also included. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. If a federal appeal is unsuccessful, the loser may petition the United States Supreme Court for a review of the case. The United States Supreme Court is not required to hear every case that is presented to it.

Defending your conviction is possible at any stage of the appeal process, whether in State or Federal Court. Whichever point you are in the appeal process, you should be represented by an experienced federal appeals lawyer. Contact The Law Office of E.R. Báez as soon as possible to discuss your appeal with our federal appeals lawyer.

About Federal Offenses

Local law enforcement brings the majority of criminal charges, which are heard in state courts. However, in certain circumstances, the federal government may be able to assist in the pursuit of criminal charges against someone. Charges against federal offenses are brought in federal courts. These federal offenses frequently carry harsher penalties that can have a long-term impact on a person’s life— this is precisely why you need a skilled and experienced federal lawyer on your side.

Different laws and procedures govern these situations. Not all lawyers are authorized to represent clients in federal court. You must work with one of the experienced federal lawyers in San Antonio, such as E.R. Báez, who is familiar with federal court challenges.

Federal law enforcement agencies receive more funding than local or state law enforcement agencies, which can render many federal lawyers at a disadvantage. At every stage of an investigation or prosecution, federal agents and prosecutors have vast resources at their disposal. Therefore, good federal lawyers should be resourceful and prepared at all times to give you the best possible outcome for your federal case.

Many of these cases begin years before an arrest is made for a federal offense. Federal agents frequently inform white-collar criminals about ongoing investigations. When you learn about the investigation, you should contact the federal criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of E.R. Báez right away. Our federal criminal attorney has extensive experience representing clients with serious federal prosecutions in the state of Texas. Our federal defense lawyer will represent you at every stage of a federal criminal case, from the beginning of an investigation to the filing of criminal charges and the jury trial.

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Presenting Your Case To The Supreme Court

Tough Defense From The Most Reliable Federal Appeal Attorney In San Antonio

Many people are unaware that many issues that may arise during a criminal case can be appealed to the United States Supreme Court. This holds whether you are in Texas state or Federal Courts.

Our federal appeals lawyer has a thorough understanding of the appeals process, allowing him to determine where a case should be heard at each stage. In addition, our legal office’s federal appeals lawyer is well-versed in a variety of appeal and post-conviction forms, including Habeas Corpus, Corum Novis, and Mandamus.

Strategic Defense Representation For Your Federal Case

Appeal law is a complicated area of the law. It is not enough that the lower court made a mistake. Our appeals attorney will ensure that any mistakes are documented so that they can be challenged or appealed.

The criminal appeal attorney at The Law Office of E.R. Báez is well-versed in appeals and other post-conviction procedures. Our federal criminal defense lawyer, E.R. Báez, has extensive experience in oral arguments and brief writing for appellate courts. Our federal appeals lawyer can assist you in your fight for liberty beyond the state of Texas.

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By putting your trust in our federal criminal attorney, he will work tirelessly so that you are facilitated through a difficult and time-consuming legal process. You can put your faith in our federal defense lawyer as he will investigate your case and provide a strategic defense that provides you with the best chances of a positive outcome. 

E.R. Báez is one of the most qualified and experienced federal appeal attorneys in Texas to represent you. He will keep you informed at all stages of your federal case to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your federal charges. Contact The Law Office of E.R. Báez for a free consultation to speak to our federal appeal attorney today!


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