Parole Issues

Mr. Báez Handles All Parole Issues

From Initial parole hearing with the Texas Pardon's and Parole Board to Revocation Hearings on parole issues, both substantive or technical, Mr. Báez is here to help. When Mr. Báez becomes your lawyer, he also becomes your pastor at no extra charge, this allows for a more personal attorney-client relation, as both now will also have the clergyman-penitent privilege as described by Texas laws.


But when a person is on parole, their lives are so limited that committing an offense only seems moments away. Why is that? They call it Recidivism. This is when a person continues to repeat an undesirable behavior after they have experienced negative consequences of that behavior. This is when Mr. Báez comes in for you. By employing his current client's rate of recidivism, which is zero, he can attribute the same to your case.

Blue warrants on a parole case are the prime example. If you are facing a revocation as a result of a blue warrant, hire Mr. Báez today, so that your case can be heard and the warrant lifted, so that you can spend time with your loved ones, and not behind bars. Goa ahead, call Mr. Báez today (210) 901-5236.