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It can be difficult to face a criminal charge. An experienced and reliable Schertz criminal attorney is essential. Our Schertz criminal lawyer has vast experience in helping his clients navigate the legal system and protecting your rights.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Schertz TX, The Law Office of E.R. Báez is here to help. Our reputable criminal defense law office can help with your criminal matter and advocate on your behalf.

Our Schertz Criminal Lawyer’s Practice Areas

Serious consequences can result from criminal charges. Penalties for criminal offenses can lead to severe fines or lengthy imprisonment sentences. Worst of all, the criminal charges can have an adverse impact on your personal and professional life. Your future may be protected by Schertz’s criminal defense attorney E.R. Báez. Our Schertz criminal lawyer can defend your rights in all types of criminal cases. Criminal attorney E.R. Báez’s practice areas include:

Assault and Battery

Simply pushing or threatening someone could result in an assault charge if the victim had reasonable grounds to believe that you had the ability to carry out the threats or escalate from pushing to even more aggressive behavior. Our Schertz assaults attorney can help you ensure that your story is told and the facts presented.

Assault occurs when a person:

* Injures the body of another person

* Threatens to inflict bodily harm upon someone

* Makes physical contact with someone who might find it offensive or provocative.

Assault cases can be classified either as misdemeanors, or felonies. An experienced Schertz criminal attorney like E.R. Báez can help you defend your rights and get the most favorable outcome for your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can have severe, far-reaching effects. You might face a conviction that could be used against you. This will result in a permanent criminal record which can have serious consequences for your life. Our Schertz domestic violence attorney is highly recommended because the consequences can be severe. Our domestic violence lawyer will protect your rights and help you discuss the domestic violence allegations. Our Schertz domestic violence attorney can clarify any misunderstandings that could have led to your arrest, and guide you through the legal process for domestic violence charges.

Drug Charges

Schertz is home to some of the most stringent laws regarding the manufacture, distribution, and possession of controlled substances. You could be charged with a drug-related offense and sentenced to years of imprisonment, heavy fines, or other severe consequences. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been arrested, it is important to have an experienced Schertz drug crime attorney on your side. One of Schertz’s most skilled drug crime lawyers is located at The Law Office of E.R. Báez. Our drug crime lawyer will evaluate your case to determine the most effective course of action.

DWI/DUI charges

An experienced Schertz DWI attorney is needed if you are arrested in Schertz for DWI/DUI. DWI/DUI convictions can land you in jail, suspend your license, or a criminal record. We are here to assist you with your Schertz DWI case. Our DWI attorney in Schertz has handled many DWI/DUI cases successfully and knows how to effectively fight for your rights. To help you win your case, our Schertz DWI attorney will provide the evidence necessary and point out any omissions in the evidence presented by the prosecution. Our Schertz DWI lawyer can help get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Sex Crimes

You could be facing serious consequences if you’re charged in Schertz with a sex crime. Being charged with a sex crime could include a mandatory lifetime registration and a sentence of imprisonment. You need an experienced Schertz criminal lawyer for sex crimes who will protect your rights. You should always take any sex crime accusation or arrest very seriously. E.R. Báez, a Schertz sex crimes attorney who has represented clients across Texas, can help you. E.R. Báez understands how the government prosecutes sex cases, and can defend his clients against sex crime.

Theft & Fraud Crimes

Theft and fraud crimes in Texas are treated very seriously. If you’re convicted for a theft or fraud crime, there can be severe consequences. You could be sent to prison and face heavy fines. A conviction could make it impossible to get employment, housing or other benefits if you are convicted. You should always seek out a strong criminal defense attorney because most theft offenses can have serious professional and personal consequences. E. R. Báez is a Schertz criminal lawyer who aggressively defends his clients against theft and fraud crimes.

Schertz Criminal Lawyer With Extensive Experience & Knowledge

An experienced Schertz criminal lawyer is required for complex criminal cases. You can trust our Schertz criminal defense attorney to provide the representation. Our criminal defense lawyer has undergone extensive education and has been providing legal criminal defense services since 2005. His experience includes representing thousands of cases. His knowledge of all the criminal laws and methods to navigate the legal system is second to none. Our Schertz criminal lawyer continues to keep up with Texas’s changing laws. No matter the criminal charge, he can help defend his clients.

Confidentiality & Guidance From A Professional Schertz Criminal Lawyer

Our Schertz criminal lawyer and his staff understand that criminal cases are confidential. E.R. Báez will guide you in every interaction and always preserve attorney-client confidentiality. He will help guide you through your entire case from start to finish. Searching online for ‘criminal attorney near me’ will give you a wide range of choices to choose from. However, the reputation of our Schertz criminal attorney speaks for itself. He has spent many years honing his skills and knowledge while practicing criminal defense. E.R. Báez is known for handling criminal cases with professionalism, and for aggressively fighting for his clients’ interests. This is evident in our Schertz criminal lawyer’s online positive reviews and testimonials. These reviews and testimonials will give you a better idea of what our Schertz criminal lawyer offers each of his clients.

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A criminal conviction could have serious consequences for your life and can cause you to lose everything. To protect your rights and get the most favorable results, you should always seek legal advice and representation from an experienced Schertz criminal lawyer. If you’re looking for “criminal lawyers near me” in Schertz, TX, The Law Office of E.R. Báez should be your ideal choice. The Law Office of E.R. Báez has been representing the wrongfully accused throughout Texas since 2005. You can trust our Schertz criminal lawyer to provide the knowledge, experience and expertise you need in order to navigate the legal system.

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