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Why a Pastor Lawyer for your criminal case?

San Antonio Criminal Lawyer

For the most part, criminal matters are difficult to resolve, as it affects, not only the alleged Defendant, but several families and the community in general. When a person is accused of any criminal case, such as: DWI, Parole Violation, Motion to Revoke, Murder, Assault, Drug Cases, Sex Cases, Fraud, Manslaughter, Prostitution, Controlled Substances, Aggravated Crimes, Capital Crimes, and any other crime, in both State and Federal forums, the person is facing major difficulties.

A lawyer is trained to handled the legal aspect of the case, but lawyers are NOT trained to cope with the counseling required for either the defendant, the family or the community. This is where Mr. Baez’ pastoral background comes into play. As a pastor, he is able to counsel in spiritual matters both the defendant, and the respective families involved with the alleged crime. Mr. Baez meets with the defendants and shares, not only his legal wisdom, but his spiritual as well.

Whether you are facing your first criminal charge in San Antonio, or you have been accused before of a crime in Texas, Mr. Baez is the man for the job; specially if you are wanting to change the behavior which caused the accused to fall into the legal system from the start. No case is too big or too small for Attorney Pastor Edgar Baez, from the Law Offices of Edgardo R. Baez, Jr. located at 300 Convent St. Suite 1330, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Give us a call at (210) 901-5236 and you will be glad that you did.

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