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Case Results

  • USA v. JL

    Federal Conspiracy Case-Jury Trial found Not Guilty. In this case, all other co-defendants were found guilty of a conspiracy, but our client decided to take it to trial. He obtained a Judgment of Acquittal on all nineteen counts.

  • State v. RG

    Murder Case-Jury Trial found Not Guilty. In this case, the defendant took the blame for a friend, but the medical evidence presented exonerated him at trial. Mr. Báez investigation led to the defendant to admit of this fact.

  • State v. AR

    A raising on the highway felony case-Jury Trial found Not Guilty. In this case, the defendant was simply going to the movies with the co-defendant but in separate cars. The state stopped them and charged them with felonies. Mr. Báez convinced the jury otherwise.

  • State v. MT

    A Parole Case- Released on Parole. The parolee on this case had been denied multiple times but Mr. Báez convinced the Parole Board to release his client. The client has since changed his life, got baptized by Mr. Báez and is now serving the community.

  • USA v. AB

    Federal Case-Defendant accused of selling CDL licenses to foreigners without taking the required testing to obtain the license. Mr. Báez negotiated a deal where defendant cooperated and obtained a 5k for client.

  • State v. TF

    DWI case where Defendant was wrongfully accused. Case Dismissed after the prosecutors and Mr. Báez had several meetings discussing the evidence in the case. The State finally agreed to dismiss the case in favor of Defendant.

  • State v. JR

    This is an appeal where the Defendant was wrongfully accused of indecency with a child. Mr. Báez argued on behalf of the Defendant successfully and the Defendant was released after years of incarceration.

  • State v. AH

    This was a double Motion to Revoke Probation for the client. Mr. Báez argued successfully and convinced the prosecution and the probation officer to keep the client on probation. The client successfully completed all required stipulations for his release.