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The Law Office of E.R. Báez

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The Law Office of E.R. Báez

Our Law Office was formed so that our clients could receive personalized help with their criminal issues, as well as with counseling aimed at helping them cope with those issues.

This boutique law office offers our clients the ability to have a personalized experience with the staff and attorney on a regular basis. Criminal Law issues are often difficult to deal with, not only for the person but for the family as well. We offer a complete approach to the solution of the legal situation. We handle both state and federal cases.

Often times, a person has had a dearth of participation from a father or mother, which has exacerbated the propensity to commit criminal activities. As a result, our jails are bombarded with men and women who have lacked support and have lacked love. This is why the TOTAL approach to criminal issues is SO important.

Our law office can help you with issues such as: Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Assault, DWI , Murder,Theft and Fraud Crimes, Prostitution Crimes, Motions to Revoke Probation, Paroles, drug charges, white collar crimes, DUI, Indecency with Child, pornography and much much more.

The unique combination of a Pastor/Attorney brings a different feel when it comes with dealings with other lawyers. You will see from the moment that you meet Mr. Báez, he will treat you with respect and dignity and will try to help you with the underlined issues that may be afflicting the client, which may be the reason to the criminal behavior of the client.

The meeting between the client and the attorney will be professional but in some occasions, it will be spiritual as well. Mr. Báez is not afraid to pray for his clients and their families and will inevitably share his experienced as a born again believer. Conversely, we respect the client’s wishes, and will not force belief upon anyone, we will just share our salvation experience.

Criminal issues can be difficult for a person, their families, and their lives in general. We are here to minimize those difficulties so that our clients can move on into becoming, once again, productive citizens of our society.  

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