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Mr. Báez Handles All Types of Criminal Cases, State and Federal

No matter what type of case, Mr. Báez will handle your case personally from a drug case, prostitution, felony, misdemeanor, in state or federal, he is the criminal defense attorney for you. Mr. Báez is dedicated to your case regardless of the jurisdiction of the case in Texas, both State cases and Federal Cases are handled personally by Mr. Báez. Let him be your lawyer, let him be your pastor!

Criminal cases can come in the form of a criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency. It is imperative that you have representation even during this time in the investigation. You have a constitutional right against self-incrimination, and having Mr. Báez on your corner ensures that this fundamental right is not violated against you. At times, it is best to have an attorney and not need an attorney, than to need an attorney and not having one. The investigative process is one of such time.

Federal agencies are good at collecting information against you, so you should be protected against anything that can be used against you. Makes sense? Give Mr. Báez a call today, if you belive that you are been investigated, or have criminal charges pending against you.

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