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A Top Lawyer Indeed


It is an honor indeed to work for such a hard-working lawyer for his clients. In the past two years or so, Dr. Báez has not lost a case in court-well, his clients, to be exact! However, it is not only his dedication to his clients that is worthy of admiration but also all the other extracurricular activities he does.

For example, his multiple books were published in the past decade. Here are four of them: 

The Lack of the Spiritual Father

God Will Never Divorce You

The Imperfect Husband

Warning Passages of Hebrews

He is working on two more books, which should be released within the next year. Not only does he run his full-time criminal defense law practice, but he is also an avid writer for several publications on Medium. 

Here is the link for you to subscribe and follow Dr. Báez

Stories like these are published daily in several publications by Dr. Báez

A Murder Case

Anyways, the idea behind this post is for every client, or potential client of Dr. Báez, to get acquainted with who he really is: a man of impeccable character. It would be an honor for him to help you, but it would be an honor for you to get to know him. 

You can either call our office at (210) 901-5236 or visit our office at 700 N. St. Mary's St, Suite 1400, San Antonio, TX 78205, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We would love to have you as our client!

See you soon!!!

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