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Murder Case: Not Guilty is Expected!


This month, Dr. Báez will handle two murder cases in San Antonio Courts of competent jurisdiction. This means you could watch him in action before you hire him to handle your cases or those of someone you love! No other lawyer in San Antonio or Texas, for that matter, would offer you this opportunity. But why, you may be asking? Well, when did you last purchase a car without first testing it? In the same manner, you should hire an attorney that you feel can perform the task. 

Dr. Báez understands the seriousness of hiring a lawyer, and this decision should be made after you examine the credentials of the lawyer being sought for hire. Since Dr. Báez has nothing to hire, here is a video showing the caliber of representation you or your loved one will receive! 

Adter all, it is your life what is at risk!!! 

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