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Representing the Wrongfully Accused throughout Texas


Representing the Wrongfully Accused throughout Texas

When your freedom is at stake, you need to take the situation very seriously. Unfortunately, prosecutors have a job to do, which sometimes can cloud their judgment in the name of advancement. This is where Dr. E.R. Báez comes in. He does not take the “evidence” presented against an accused as such, unless and until he reviews it thoroughly and with precision. During the years, Dr. Báez has found out that what the government is doing is blowing smoke and there could be no jury in Texas that would prosecute. Here are some examples:

1) A federal case in the Western District of Texas where an alleged conspiracy was created by the government but the client was not part of it.

2) A state case in Midland where the client is charged with murder but the investigation of the incident has revealed the impossibility of the client is the one committing the murder.

3) A state case in Bexar County where the client is falsely accused of indecency with the child where in reality the client has an alibi but the state did not want to hear it.

4) A state DWI case in Tarrant County where the cops were too zealous in the pursuit of their case, violating our client’s constitutional rights.

5) A federal case in Laredo where there was no probable cause to prosecute, yet, the US Attorney continued to prosecute. Motions filed showing a lack of PC.

6) A federal case of drug charges in San Antonio where the client was not violating the laws but exercising his freedom of religion.

7) A parole violation where the client was wrongfully accused by an ex-neighbor. The case was resolved by a preliminary hearing on parole.

These are but a few of the examples of the case that Dr. Báez has successfully represented in the courts of Texas. It is time that you give him a call (210) 361-1112.





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