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Why do you need a lawyer who knows about forensics?

Forensic Lawyer In San Antonio, Texas

The fact that you have a criminal lawyer does not mean that your lawyer knows about forensics, or the “science” that goes with it. This is because forensics is an area, not only foreign to most lawyers, but difficult to understand. Consequently, many inmates that should not be in prison are, and there is very little that anyone can do at that point. To top it off, you have prosecutors all thought the legal system that would inevitably, will use forensics to their advantage, as they know the aforementioned premise rather well.

But it does not have to be this way. When our clients are presented with a case that has forensics, we recruit the assistance of experts in the particular field (DNA, Blood, Finger Prints, Spatters, GSR, Hair, inter alia) so that our client do not become the next inmate. But more importantly, our lawyer understands the science behind the forensic as he discuses the cases with the experts and the clients. This makes it a “win-win” situations for our clients. An important factor that makes us unique is the fact that our attorney E.R. Baez is: not only a lawyer with forensic background, he is a pastor with theological knowledge. Use correctly, that is a lethal weapon against any prosecutor in Texas.

For example, when our clients are faced with a murder charge, we recruit blood spatter experts, DNA experts, ballistics experts, doctors, labs and others that are necessary to present the possible evidence, or refute the prosecutor’s evidence, so that our clients do not become inmates. In a DWI case, the same emphasis is given, but the experts recruited would be a little different for the explanation of the (ETOH) levels may vary from person to person. For cases that deal with controlled substance, we use top of the line labs which would corroborate the innocence of our clients.

We know this to be true: a client who does not testify in court is called an inmate; so we prepare our clients to testify at their trials. This fact alone are scary for most lawyers, but not for Mr. Baez. So, whether you are facing a drug charge, a murder case, a felony, misdemeanor, DWI, DUI, assault, MTR’s, parole case, revocation case or any other criminal defense case in San Antonio, Bexar County or contiguous counties, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, call this number now (210) 901-5236, or visit our website:


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